One black and one white bottle with patterned black and white stoppers
Shino decanters, black and white
Three grey glass bottles with black and white patterned stoppers
Shino decanters, grey
Glass flask and two small cups with black and white pattern
Shino sake set
Black white and red glass tea bowls on a table top
Shino tea bowls. Image: M Ostromecka
Three glass tea bowls with black and white patterned exteriors and red, white and black interiors
Shino tea bowl
Six glass vases with black and white pattern
Shino vases (detail)
Black and white glass vases in front of print of frogs
Shino vases. Image: M Ostromecka
Two glass vases with grey bottom halves and black and white patterned top halves
Shino incalmo vases



This best-selling range incorporates a signature black and white pattern in a range of sake sets, vases and tea bowls. The pattern echoes the traditional Japanese ‘shino’ ceramic glaze, and is sandblasted to create a tactile surface texture, which contrasts with the smooth black, white or red sections of the pieces.

Individual bottle stoppers are available to buy separately if you need a replacement, want to add one to your own decanter or use as a wine bottle stopper. Find them here.