Grey and white straight sided glass bowl with engraved patterns
Ryoan-ji I, 2016
Grey transparent glass bowl with engraving
Ryoan-ji bowl, 2016

Kyoto: Ryoan ji


The series of Ryoan-ji vessels are named after a temple in Kyoto, which is home to one of Japan's most renowned rock gardens. The engraving on the insides of the pieces echoes the composition of the rocks and raked gravel, whether from the perspective of the viewer, or in a more stylised pattern.

The vessels echo the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, the beauty of imperfection, with distorted, overlapping rims, or simple, understated forms.

Part of the Kyoto Collection, a series of work is inspired by a visit to Japan in the Spring of 2015, with imagery taken from natural forms, temples and textile designs encountered in the city of Kyoto.