Translucent white glass decanter being held up to the light. The glass is engraved with geometric patterns
North decanter. 2018
Two glass decanters and glasses sit on a table with historic artefacts
North and Arctic Circle sets.
Translucent white glass decanter and two tumblers with geometric engraving
North decanter and glasses
Two translucent white tumblers with geometric engraving sit next to a pair of sunglasses
North tumblers
A translucent white and yellow glass tumbler sitting on a table. The glass is engraved with latitude and longitude lines as on a globe
Arctic Circle tumbler
Glass decanter and tumblers in front of a window. The decanter is white with a blue stopper and the glasses are white with blue and yellow.
Arctic Circle decanter and glasses
A set of glass decanter and glasses sit on a mantlepiece next to some bright pink flowers and below a brightly coloured painting. The glassware is white, with blue, yellow and pink details and engraved patterns
Arctic Circle decanter and glasses
A white glass decanter with blue glass stopper viewed from above. The stopper is engraved with markings resembling the point where longitude lines meet on a globe
Arctic Circle decanter (detail)

Isobel Wylie Hutchison Collection


Commissioned by Carlowrie Castle and Craft Design House, these sets of decanters and glasses are inspired by the fascinating life of botanist and explorer Isobel Wylie Hutchison.

Isobel Wylie Hutchison is a fascinating figure, a lone female explorer venturing on Arctic expeditions at a time when women were considered ‘too fragile and gentle’ for such endeavours. Glass lends itself particularly well to representing these ideas of strength and fragility and I chose to design a set of blown glass drinking vessels with a decanter as a practical but elegant tribute to Isobel.

The vessels refer to various aspects of her explorations and the era in which she travelled. Geometric forms and patterns draw on Art Deco designs of the period and the geometric patterns on clothing of the indigenous people Isobel encountered. Engraving, carving and mark making on the glass surface, represent abstracted maps, landscape forms and details taken from her writing and documentaries. The rugged natural elements contrast with the rigid geometry, echoing Isobel’s determination to pursue her love of travel against society’s expectations. An icy palette, evocative of the Arctic landscapes, adds subtlety to the surface decoration, demanding a closer look.
Both ranges can be ordered through the Carlowrie Castle website.

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